We’re so excited to welcome you into the Sleep Cafe®.

We want this to be your place. A place where you’ll be inspired and energized to design and enjoy your bed and bath spaces.

A bedroom is so much more than a place to lay your head at night. It’s your haven. The place where you can hide away and read that book you’ve had your eye on. Your in-home getaway from work, life, and stress. The one place you can go to truly relax and rest.

At the Sleep Cafe®, we’re determined to curate and offer the best ideas and products that can help you shape this sacred space. We’re committed to offering only the best products that we’ve used and enjoyed during over 25 years of experience in the bed and bath industry.

Let us act as a guide in bringing you the knowledge, insight, and helpful advice you need to enjoy your dream space. Together, we’ll craft a lifestyle that not only fits your needs, but more importantly your desires for your home.

Come on in. We’re so glad you’re here.