We’re back….finally!

We launched SleepCafe last fall, but as I mentioned at the time, we were in our infancy and just getting off the ground with partners and products. After saying hello, we felt like we needed to get to work filling our assortment before making any more statements about the value of SleepCafe. We certainly aren’t where we want to be yet, but we have made good strides and excited about the new partners we have added since last we talked.

One of our new friends is Julie Christner and JuJu Jams, an exciting brand featuring innovative and stylistic pajamas. Julie birthed JuJu Jams with a unique idea….add a feature within the tops to allow for comfort and support without a bra….simple…brilliant….and her designs are great. Julie and her story is what we search for at SleepCafe….quality products, entrepreneurial spirit, small business mindset, “local” grown. We won’t always find them in every category, but when we do, we celebrate them. Check out JuJu Jams in our sleepwear section…you will love it.

We are still growing the assortment and will continue to improve our site. But now we will stay connected, giving you consistent updates and new offerings as we build SleepCafe. We appreciate you being here!

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