Why SleepCafe?

Why SleepCafe? Why any retail experience these days? After all, almost any product produced on the planet can be found on Amazon, Wayfair, or by Googling it. So why SleepCafe? Because I still believe you, or at least many of you, appreciate the environment and experience of shopping. Even more, you like the atmosphere in a boutique, where products are curated into an assortment that fits its surroundings…its people…its character….its personality. Hey, I shop Amazon like millions do. When I have a need, they fill that need. But when I have a WANT, I usually find it in a place known for that want, and I trust they know it a little better than a general catalog carrier. I also find that there’s a caring that comes with that experience…an ownership and responsibility to its customers…sometimes to the point of family, club, or membership.

SleepCafe wants to be that environment….a place where customers can come in…..browse….hang out…contribute…share…and buy if they choose. I would like to believe that buying can be almost secondary to belonging to SleepCafe, and we will treat it this way as much as we can.

As we birth this place, we have designed a setting that will evolve as we learn more about it, and more about you who visit with us. As we birth SleepCafe, we will ask you to offer your thoughts and contributions to what we do here…what we look like…what we offer…and how we serve our “membership”. There is no membership in the paying sense…only a belonging in the sharing sense.

So how do we do this? Well, a step at a time….and by listening as we go along. Our first trip down this road will be more like a forum than a store. Yes, we have products that represent what we believe to be best in class in the bedroom, bathroom and lounging scene, but it is small to start, and it will grow as we do. We hope you will find things interesting and wanted. And while you’re here, make a suggestion…leave an opinion…contribute. We’ll give you an appreciative reason to return if you do, and when you do, you will see something new…something different…a growing, evolving SleepCafe. Who knows…maybe SleepCafe will become simply a place to come hang out…read or listen….share….and have some fun. If you buy something along the way, all the better.

SleepCafe is here to honor the haven in our homes….the bedroom…the bathroom…the master balcony or patio….those places we decompress….shed our stress….recover….renew….regenerate…..

We would like to know how you do that in your own world…what you like in that experience of your own. Hopefully you will learn how others see their like worlds, and you may pick up something…a thought…an idea….a routine…..a product…that enhances your own environment. If so, then SleepCafe will be working. This is our mission, and we invite you to be a part of it.

So please….come in….take off your shoes….look around….have a virtual cup of coffee or cappuccino, and be welcome here. And please…let me know how we can make this a better place for you to want to come back, and hopefully bring someone with you. We will be offering appreciate reasons to do that as well.

Thank you for stopping by….our door is always open for you.


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